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GemsTV Complaints & Reviews

GemsTV / Selling damaged products


I purchased a total of two rings off GemsTV this month (March 2010). The first ring I paid $500.00 for and the pear shaped Tanzanite & Diamond stone was damaged. I returned it immediatley they refunded my bank card. The second ring I called and requested it for auction. I won, I recieved it, it had a severly damaged band. That was back on 3/24/10 for a total of $1615.95. Customer service keeps jacking me around telling me ten (10) more days on the refund. I called the BBB of Reno, Nevada 4/7/10. I hope someone can help me other that a lawyer. These people are shutting down next week.

GemsTV / Watch out fro overpriced jewelery


To all of the wonderful people who have purchased an item from the world of GemsTV, (me being one of them), let me give you warnings about the company, their tactics and the quality of their goods. 1. 90% of their items you can find elsewhere for less money. 2. Most of their gems are lower quality than they claim. For example, I, being a big believer in them in the beginning, purchased 5 AAA Tanzanite rings for investment purposes. GemsTV says that the mine is being mined out and AAA Tanzanite will go up in the next 5-10 years. This may be true, however, I took all five rings down to my...

GemsTV - Arizona / dishonest!


I purchased 14K gold yellow diamond earrings from them recently. Received them and they were smaller then I anticipated so I put them back in the box and shipped them back out to GemsTV the next morning. I never tried them on. I just received my package back from them stating that the tags were missing. this is a flat out lie. I returned them with the tags...then somehow they say the tags were missing. The customer service personnel are a waste of breathe; they are all incompetent and do not care what the matter is they will not help. I find them to be dishonest, liars and rude. I, like...

GemsTV - Nevada, Reno / Poor Quality Items


I had been a customer with GemsTv since the summer of 2008 until June 2009. I have paid thousands of dollars for mutiple items since then. I have had diamonds fall out of sapphire rings that are now practically worthless since the warranty is only good for 6 months and no one will buy them. I have bought gold rings with gems that I can't even find on the internet which is suspicious to me because GemsTv claims they are "rare". I have taken my silver "rhodium plated rings" to a local jeweler in Houston who told me they could not be sized and that they quality of the gems was "poor" and I...

GemsTV - California / return policy


I purchased a bracelet for my mom for Mothers Day. When I purchased it I asked the rep. since it was for Mothers Day, if she did not like it or it didn't fit could I still return it even if it didn't fit within the 30 day return policy and the reps said yes. Well I was a new customer so I believed her. Well the bracelet did not fit my mom's wrist, so I sent it back via Federal Express with all tags still on the bracelet. Well 2 + weeks later GEMSTV sent it back to me indicating that it was past 30 days return policy. So I called customer service and explained they situation and...

GemsTV - Nevada, Reno / Item stolen in mail...CS ZERO help


I recently ordered a ring from GemsTV that I was really looking forward to receiving. True to their claims, the package arrived "in a matter of three business days". I excitedly opened the package only to find NO JEWELRY. Upon closer inspection, the postage had obviously been ripped off another package and the contents repackaged; this part of the story is clearly misconduct by a UPS worker and I will be filing a similar complaint about UPS. I promptly called GemsTV and, after holding for 10 minutes, talked to Joyce who told me that they would file a claim with UPS and "not to worry" because...