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GE Credit Complaints & Reviews

GE Credit - California, Oceanside / Credit Abuse


A local dentist set up 18 months of interest free payments for dental services with GE Credit for over priced dental services not paid by my dental insurance. This was 3 years ago. I made payments on this account and according to GE Credit the 1800 dollars was not paid in the 18 month interest free period and since ( I have been making regular payments) I now owe 2400.00 3 years later. Can you believe this? in 3 years of payments I not only did NONE of my payments reduce the balance during the interest free 18 month period but I incurred late charges and interest charges that now have me owing...

GE Credit / Error


I had 90 day interest free loan from GE Credit in 2003. I paid the bill in 2003 in 60 days IN FULL now they are saying I didnt pay the bill and have ruined my credit score. I ve written several letters to GE Credit and the credit bureaus with my docs showing paid in full. nothing is being done. i call GE and they insist I didnt pay. they are in India and when I say, , I want a US Rep, they say, , NO, impossible to get one. I feel stuck. I paid my bill yet my FICO score is down 70 points for a charge off. Any hints how I can get ahold of some GE Exec and work to resolve this? thanks