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GE Bank Complaints & Reviews

GE Bank - Texas, El Paso / Drastically declining credit limit


I have been a loyal customer of Belk's for 10 years. They have been top on my lists of retail stores. I spend a lot of money there, so much that they have promoted me to the ELITE status. I always choose the 30/60/90 plan, due to you can pay it off in 90 days with no interest. During my time as a Belk customer, there has been only one time that I have been late on my payment (one month), and that was due from being ill. But the next month paid the whole balance off. Often, which was 95% of the time I paid balance off with the first statement. On September 2008 I received notice that my...

GE Bank / Deceptive practice


My dentist offered me an opportunity to pay my bill over a period of 12 months. I signed up. I received a credit card from GE Banking ( and got my first bill which informed me of the minimal payment due. Nowhere could I find how much I actually owed to pay the bill off without having to pay interest. It turned out that I had to calculate it myself. Though I could figure it out, I'm sure there are any people who would be fooled by the "minimal payment due" I think this is a very deceptive practice and urge you to be very careful should you find yourself taking advantage of the GE Bank's "special offer" - or you will be taken advantage of.

GE Bank - Texas / PayPal Later


Every time I use PayPal, GE Bank through PayPal Later sends me a letter refusing to approve the transaction - which I am NOT using PPL to pay for. So I wrote GE Bank asking why, as is my legal right. The answer? "...we were unable to approve...for the following reason(s): 22 53 39." In the words of the immortal Dave Barry: I am not making this up. Nowhere does the letter offer an explanation for the magic numbers, or a reference where I can look them up. Are they saying I've been denied credit because I have a fat waist?!! BTW, my credit rating is excellent. They also said credit reporting...