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GCF Complaints & Reviews



WARNING WARNING WARNING Do not deal with these people they take your money and want you to keep up your side of the contract but they do not keep up with there side...When you try and cancel and get a refund they will not give it to you...You pay almost the full year before you even get your computer and than when the billing company still keeps taking money out of your checking account after contract is payed in full they will not refund what they took out that was over payment...So for those of you that is considering doing this DO NOT TRY IT!!! VERY UNSATISFIED WITH THE OUTCOME OF THE WHOLE THING..

GCF / not honoring their contract


I had signed up for the laptop and it came with the Free WII and MP3 player. Two months after I paid it off I finally got the laptop. It was not the one I order because they were all backordered, so they say. I ended up with a cheaper model and a totally different brand..In the meantime I had to go buy a used one because I had to have one because I was going back to college after 14 years and all students needed one. GCF kept giving me the run around. I have now called them several time for the MP3 player and the WII and they keep telling me they are backordered. I spoke to them in October and...

GCF - Texas, El Paso / Scam


This company will not deliver on its promises. I have not received the computer I ordered months ago. Since May. I was originally told that after layaway payments I would receive the computer. Then I was asked to verify shipping information. I have paid over $1, 000 and need only 5 payments or so to finish paying off this computer and its always an excuse as to why they cant deliver merchandise. My original shipment date was November 16th. A date I already waited almost 6 months for because everything they do takes weeks or over a month to complete and they had like 4 differant proceedure...