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Each month my credit card is being charged $49.47 US by this company. In addition there are charges for 19.97 and 19.94 from related companies Pay-Dscntx.Com and Pay-Stdskrs.Com. I got caught up in this when I "accidentally" ended up on an adult website advertising free pictures. I stupidly gave my credit card details - for verification purposes only then started getting charged $90 US ($160 AUD) each month. I notified the company straght away and recieved an email indicating they were cancelling my "subscription". However, it appears that they have done no such thing. Can anyone help me please. Thanks / unautherised payment


I left my credit card details as ID on and an amount of $49.47 was taken from my account when the service was advertised as free / they toke money from me I dont know why i just want it back


Hey if I have a membership with this company I did not do it I dont even know what this company is I just want my money back. I have never even know that this company was out there so just give me back my money now. / charge for something i dont know what


I am been charged by Gattstermv .com and HW4WEB.COM. I DONT WHAT THESE ARE CHARGING FOR THEY HAVE TAKEN €100 PER MONTH RGDDS [email protected]