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Hi, My mother got into the same thing with the gas redemption thing from the below company. They actually sent the first card. Now it has been almost a year and nothing else. Every number I call is disconnected or something. All my emails have been returned. The site is still up and dont see how this can be. If nothing else this is a warning for anyone that gets anything from them or sees any information. Stay away. 14100 Walsingham Road Ste 36, Box 12 Largo.Florida 33774 Tidewater Marketing Global Consultants, inc. 13540-B Walsingham Road Suite B Largo, Florida 33774 - Florida, Largo / Free Gas


This "$150 gas voucher" was advertized to attract people to a timeshare presentation. Here's the send them $5 for postage and handling of the gas cards, then send them $100 in gas receipts per month from the same gas station, and they'll send you a $25 gift card to that gas station for every month you do that. They claim it has to be from the same gas station because the only way they can get the gas companies to agree to give out these cards is by showing that they're building brand loyalty. At the last month of the agreement, they'll supposedly send you a $30...