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This company will take your money and not deliver any goods to you. And when you attempt to contact them about their failures they will make numerous promises to placate you but they will not keep to those promises at all. There is not a single manager at gamesellerpros that can be trusted especially Albert Arcuri. I am certain that Kendall Cole will likely respond to this post defending the business that she is the customer service manager at but she also can not be trusted. I have every email that she has sent me and she has also lied to me. My advice to all consumers that have been scammed...

1 comments Ocala Online Shopping  · Mar 23, 2012 — They sell different online games currency

Scammer Alert!! RIPOFF... This place is a scam. They sell different online games currency. That means game money but actually they are a scam. They ask for your username and password when you are ordering from their website. Then they come in and steal your account or steal your money. Also once you pay them for the currency you want, you will never recieved it. They will not refund your money and will tell you that they are out of stock and you have to wait. If you dont open a claim with your credit card you will never see your money again. The owner called himself: Albert Arcuri C.E.O. Game Seller Pros Inc. FRAUD! This place is a ripoff stay away from it. Scammer alert!!!

2 comments Software & Games  · Dec 06, 2011