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G. F. Institute Complaints & Reviews

G. F. Institute - Kansas, Kansas City / Fraudulent Claim of Pending Grant Funds


A Scam postal mail claims that $25, 000 in grant money is waiting for you to claim. A time limit of 36 hours is imposed, yet the letter has absolutely NO date or time anywhere in it. Web searching returns NO such company. There are however numerous complaints and reports of the scam. I shredded the letter, but now wish I had scanned it as evidence in case of prosecution. I recomend that information from one of these envelopes be used to trace the outfit down, find out who they really are and bring charges of fraud, false advertising, mail fraud, and the like against them. the (800) number...

G. F. Institute - Kansas, Kansas City / Access Government Funds


I got a letter from G.F. Institute regarding upcoming release of Government Funds on March 25. Estimate of funds pending $25, 000.00. Since I am seeking for government funds by online search using the government funding package. I did some research on G.F. Institute in Kansas City, Kansas via Google search since it has no address return in post card, I found out about G.F. Institue is a scam in Rip-off website as well as many customers reported that it is scam. Fortunately, I never call G.F. Institue, but I have strong advice that a federal law enforcement agency should force G.F. Institute to stop more scam letters to people and arrest scan artists.