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Furniture Dazzle Complaints & Reviews

Furniture Dazzle - Alabama, Birmingham / Stay away from Furniture Dazzle! Scam alert!

May 16, 2017

This company is not to be trusted, I'm not even sure that they are a real company. I bought from Furniture Dazzle in mid February and still haven't received anything. There is no way to reach them, they don't reply. I have found some reviews and no one actually was able to contact Furniture Dazzle. They took my money pretty fast and that was it. Please, don't buy from this site, don't give them your money. Impossible to contact and also impossible to find any information about the company. I only know that they are scammers.

Furniture Dazzle - Alabama, Birmingham / Something is wrong with this company

Nov 08, 2016

Ordered a sofa from them in mid September and still waiting for it to arrive. I paid for sofa and delivery. The worst part is that I can't reach anyone from Furniture Dazzle and strange, but I can't access their website. I feel that something is wrong, but I afraid to think that there is even a small possibility I was scammed. We'll see. But anyway, I do not recommend Furniture Dazzle. I asked them to deliver my sofa on a certain date but that wasn't done and now they simply disappeared. Something is wrong with this company.

Furniture Dazzle - Alabama, Vestavia Hills / Dishonesty, do not answer phone

Mar 13, 2015

I ordered an ottoman which was specifically advertised as "In stock". After waiting over a week for the item to be shipped and frequently checking the order status (always pending/not yet shipped) I tried many times to call the company. NO ONE ANSWERS their customer service number and it took 3 emails to get an email response. The response said: "Thank you for the recent order. Sorry for the short delay in updating about this order. We've just been alerted by our supplier this item was accidentally shipped a wrong address in WI. Our team has tried to locate the item with no succe...

Furniture Dazzle - Alabama, Vestavia Hills / worst service/passive aggressive/stealing my money

Sep 26, 2014

I ordered a small loveseat couch that I have been having my eye on the Internet on furniture dazzle because it was the most affordable version (cheaper than amazon, ebay etc). It claimed free shipping, thus my ordering the more affordable item (like most websites when they say free shipping they mean it and I have never had an issue with any other site). This was done around August 20th. I ordered it. They told me it was back ordered due to the amount of people wanting this love seat (after contacting them a few times). I said that was fine. It took about 2 weeks to finally get the item, with...