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Initially requested information on working at home posting links for Google. Fee of $1.97 was placed on my credit card for which I was supposed to receive information through the mail. NEVER received any information and my credit card was charged on 08/12/2009 for $69.97. Then on 08/28/2009 another charge was added for $29.95. Through my bank I contacted the company and got transferred to different people and got no where. I was told to call back to 1-877-848-4005. No one answered this phone. - Florida, Sem / Scam

Ro is a total scam.Like many of you, I had never heard of this outfit until I opened my credit card statement on August 29, 2009. In it I was billed 3 seperate charges. $1.97, 69.97, 29.95. I reached their offices on Monday August 31, 2009. I spoke to man with very poor English skills, but he did inform me that he could not access my data, and therefore could not refund my account. He said he would take it up with his supervisor and get back to me. Thirty minutes later I got an e-mail telling me that they could not refund my money, because I had already used there services, but... - New York, Florida / Unauthourized charges


They removed $69.97 off my account, and overdrew my checking account $186.00 for insufficient funds I have never seen or visited this web site, how they got my account I don't know but watch these people.