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Fryes Electronics Complaints & Reviews

Fryes Electronics - Texas, Plano / selling items that are not available


I purchased a Toshiba Laptop on-line for in store pickup on Sun 12/27. I was at the store within 20 minutes. They do not even have the item, (even though I was given a list of 3 stores to pick up from) do not plan to stock the item or even order the laptop I ordered on line. I called the 877 customer service number listed on the web site. The rude customer service rep said the store cancelled my order. He tried to convince me, someone must have beat me to the store & got the last one. I think what they are hoping is that they can get you in their store, hoping you'll go ahead & buy something else. What a rip off & total waste of time.

Fryes Electronics / Harassment


For 2 months in a row now, I send my payment to First Electronic Bank which does all credit for Fryes Electronics stores, I sent the checks one week early last time and 10 days early this time and they sit on the checks until they are past due then deposit the check and ding me a ridiculous $50 late fee. All my other bills clear in 3 days even back in Kentucky (I live in California only 2 hours from Utah WHICH IS WHERE FIRST ELECTRONIC BANK IS LOCATED SO THE MAIL SHOULD ARRIVE IN 3 DAYS) Fryes is a big fat rip off. Don't ever get a credit line with them as they will use and abuse you too!...