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Frontier Pharmacies Complaints & Reviews

Frontier Pharmacies / Fraud


I recently started noticing a charge on my credit card with the CP2pay.com866-733-0577 charge on it. As I just paid off all my credit cards I called the number. They indeed answered the phone as customer service. I told them I wanted to cancel and asked what it was for. The person said for Frontier Pharmacy. Who? I asked. They gave me a confirmation number for the cancellation and said it was cancelled. I have never used them and would like to know how they got my credit card number. I contacted my credit card company and disputed the charges and they are not paying it to the business. They...

Frontier Pharmacies - Florida, Cooper City / Unauthorized charges!


This company took my money and will not send product or respond to my many attempts to contact them. Tried to call again today 02/08/08 and all phone circuits are busy, saying please try again. They say they have live chat which is not true, say you can talk to a customer service rep. not true. You can never get a person on the phone.