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Nov 16, 2012

Hi everybody, I just like to let everyone know about Free Site Sign Up, this is my little review about this company. I have to warn you because if you don’t have enough money to pay Google ad words you will not make penny with this site, in the end You will be lucky if you will get some of your money back. This is just to trick you to buy many domain names as you can, the company will push you and highly recommend you to buy as many domain names as the niches of the site, more domain names more bather for you, they will teach you that way, I just find out that good for dam but not for... / Scam


this company is a scam! they have various web sites like and others they ask you to pay the first payment with "refund garantedd" indicated on the, but if you request the refund, they will NERVER REFUND YOU 1 CENT! this company is owned by a bunch of freaks, stupids like chickens! they prefer to receive online complaints, because they are unubble to understand that online complaints will cost them much more ! the refund garanteed is nort real!! i suggest you to avoid this company and web site!