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Sep 20, 2016

This company was referred to me by smart money secret where they told me this was a good company. First thing is they advertise as 100% free, no true, they charge since day one. They told me I could use their service for 7 days, and they'll charge after that. I called to cancel 2 day before and not only that they charge for the first month they also charge for the 2nd month. When I call again today to complaint for the second month the rep was trying to convince me to stay until the end of payment I have to really fight with her so she could closed the acct and gave me a conf number. So this is a reap off every way you see it. - Iowa, Mason City / Unauthorized charges

Aug 09, 2015

I went to this website for a credit report. The agreement was that this was a 7 day trial. I canceled way before this trial was up. When I talked to the customer service they had said my account was successfully canceled. Well today I noticed I had a charge of 29.95 this month, to top it off I had the same charge last month!!! I will be calling them tomorrow, but my hopes of getting my money back aren't up. As I have seen multiple people here have called and been told lies!!!