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Freedom Subscription Complaints & Reviews

Freedom Subscription / Theft By Deception


BEWARE THESE THIEVES, and don't ever use a computer mouse to "sign" your name. Real online credit applications require either a faxed signature or a "digital signature" which DOES NOT include you moving the mouse around to sign your name. Hoping to help others avoid these ###, here's what happened: I applied for a loan online. At one point in the app process I used the mouse to "sign" my name. I was redirected to another loan application website where I was asked to enter all the information again, and I stopped there. A few days later an electronic check in the amount of 48.88 wa...

Freedom Subscription - Kansas / Unauthorized/Fraudulent Check Charge


I was looking at my checking account online and noticed a fake/forged check for the amount of $8.42 on my account from Freedom Subscription which I had no idea what the company even was. I contacted them and they said I approved the withdraw by filling out something online and they would immediately cancel the 'subscription' They were unable to tell me what the company is and what I 'filled' out online in order to be charged for their services.. still not sure what the heck this company is or what it is supposed to be able to do for you. A day later I have had another VERY...

Freedom Subscription - Tennessee, Dickson / Fake Check through my checking accoutn


I recently also applied for a pay day loan. A fake check for 8.42 or somewhere around there was created and deposited into my checking account making it overdrawn as well. I don't even know what company the work through or if they go with the pay day loan company I applied with. I have to go to my bank and try to get the money back. I hope this is the end of this. Evidently I needed the payday loan because an 8.00 check overdrew my account. YOU DO THE MATH. THEY ARE A SCAM AND NEED TO BE DISSOLVED OF THEIR LICENSE.

Freedom Subscription / Stealing Money


This type of company should be shut down rather then just letting them get away with stealing peoples money! They should AT THE LEAST be fined and have to pay back double what they steal! They were never authorized to take any money from my account so there is NO reason they should be able to just take money from anybody that gets online! The so called manager i talked to on the phone about it was being a *^&%[email protected]%$ I think she dont like getting caught stealing! There should be something done to help stop companies like this! This is not the first complaint on this company i see!!!

Freedom Subscription - California / Unauthorized Charges in Account


Freedom subscription has used a check for 49.95 and 19.95 and taken it out of my bank account without authorization. Its seems that this company has done this many times before. I have filed a fraudulent charge complaint with my bank, and hopefully can get my money back.

Freedom Subscription - New Jersey / Unauthorized draft charge to my bank account of $ 49.95


I was inquiring about getting a cash loan and with out my authorization $ 49.95 was deducted from checking account.

Freedom Subscription - Nevada, Las Vegas / Unauthorized Bank Withdrawal


This company used phishing or some other unauthorized way to use bank information I entered for a payday loan to create a check and submit it to my bank. The check was for $49.95. When I called, the person I spoke to was hostile, and she said that I had authorized this when I applied for a cash advance. She just send it was a "membership." I said that I absolutely did not! She cancelled my subscription but didn't process a refund until I asked her to do so. She said it would take 15 days. Based on the numerous other complaints against this company, I highly doubt that will happen. I called my...

Freedom Subscription - North Carolina, Holbrook / Stole $49.95 out of my account


On, 10/13/09, an electronic check posted to my account in the amount of $49.95, which I did not authorize. I do not even know who or what this company is. All it says is "Freedom Subscription - 877-807-4709". I called the company and they said they would send me a paper check within 30 days. That never happened. I then went online and saw numerous people made complaints about this company steeling money out of their accounts. I would like my money back. I also have a confirmation email from 10/15/09 (saved), which states that they are going to return my money...that never happened. I can forward the email if necessary.

Freedom Subscription - Florida, Boynton Beach / Fake check


I, too, had a check for $49.95 unauthorized from my checking account by Freedom Subscription. 1 877 807 4709. I had no money in the bank and the account was overdrawn and also charged penalties. They obviously are pushing another check through the bank account because even the "back-end" portion of Chase could not close the account. Freedom Subscription are evil people. I did not grant anyone permission to access my account especially when I had no money in there in the first place and also because I have never had any dealings with them at all. When we call the number they say they are closed. What a nightmare!

Freedom Subscription / Stole $40.95, out of two of my bank accounts


Hi there, My Name is Nicholas Pedone, and would like to get my money back that Freedom Subscription has stolen out of two of my bank Accounts. One with Bank of America, and the other with Wells Fargo banks. They had withdrawn $49.95 from bougth accounts, and when I notified the they said that I would receive the money back in the form of a check that they would send to my mailling addrees, and if I do not receive it with in 30 days to contact them. Well I haven't received the check as of 08/28/2009. I've been trying to get a hold of them, but it seems that no one answers the phone at...