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free money - Texas / Refuses to give me a refund

Aug 2, 2011

On 7/29/11 ordered their books told me I had 3 days to cancel . So on 7/30/11 i called to cancel the order and they told me from the Customer service office they could not cancel it I had to wait 24 hours it does not show on their screen any order so I had to wait until that Monday, which was 8/1/11, so I went until my bank account seen that the money was being withdrawn, so i called them back.. The customer service office told me they could not cancel the order it was being processed an getting ready to be shipped I told them to stop the shippment and he flat out told me by laughing he...

free money / misleading


They advertise it for $29.95 but when I called they added shipping $11.95 It was supposed to be 3 books then again they added a shipping charge of $11.95 for another book then they said all the forms in the book and other material is in another package that cost $99.95 I got so sick of it that I cacancelled it all. There is no such thing as free money and if it is, it is for them to get it from me. I ask them not to charge my credit card. unfortunately they got my credit card first and they did not say if they'd do it or not. now I have another hassle, to contact my credit card and ask...