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First, I thought this webstore is better because they will call you to confirm the order. However, what I just found today is they don't have my ordered camerea after they told me they will ship the camera a week ago. They even don't bother informing you that they don't have camera until I called them. Maybe they have cheap price in electronics. However, the price of these consumer electronics is still not cheap in a normal household monthly expense budget. I would sugget avoiding this store because I am not sure if this is a real honest store. / Online scam


I ordered a video camera of off Then 2 days later I get an email claiming I need to call to confirm my order. There was an extension and name listed. After being on hold for 10 mins, I got some guy, who is a typical jerk sales guy that tells me I forgot to order a battery with my video camera. I said, the factory sealed video camera I bought doesn't come with a battery? He said, well it does but it is only a 20 minute battery. I work in the video industry and there is no battery that lasts only 20 minutes that comes from the factory, this was backed up by the camera... - New York, Midwood / Fraud & cheating!


I made the mistake to go online to buy a digital camera to replace a stolen one. What a world! I found on google search engine to have the camera that I was looking for at an attractive price. Once in I checked carefully the content of the purchase, so I decided to place my order. The next day it was weird because they sent to me around a dozen of emails asking me to confirm my order, telling me that I had two choices and needed to call them as soon as possible, then another message saying again they were out of stock, and again more messages inviting me... / Terrible experience


I placed an order online with The next day we called to confirm that the item was in stock and after waiting on hold for 2-1/2 hours we hung up and began researching this company online. We found tons of complaints about this company on We became alarmed and immediately sent an email requesting to cancel the order. I also immediately called them and as soon as I told them that I wanted to cancel the order, they told me that they were transferring me to customer service, where we (my husband and I took turns) sat on hold for 2-1/2...