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Fomax information technologies — About fomaxtech complaints

With you, this is a team that was quickly established, which allowed us to move forward and exceed our concept." "The results we are expecting, after a few weeks, already significant ... Thanks for listening, your availability and integration support tools for site maintenance we already provide in total autonomy." "We will recommend your company without hesitation "fomaxtech" for its professionalism and its ability to meet closer to the client's needs . I like work for their environment and and output of execution is very good.

Business & Finances  · Apr 03, 2012

Fomax information technologies — Fomaxtech perceived complaints

It is in perfect harmony that the Company fomaxtech has made our website ARM'B" Always attentive, timely and dynamic, "We always work with it, and this closely, for updates, and improvements we want to bring." "_ We are very pleased with the collaboration that has developed between our two companies. Very good environment for working there.

Business & Finances  · Apr 03, 2012

Fomax information technologies — Fomaxtech complaints

Having an attractive and efficient website is an absolute necessity for us, as our jobs take us away from each other geographically." "After a bad experience, we wanted to choose a provider for our website by choosing from several proposals." "The price was a test so that the clarity of the specifications, but also graphics, the ability to manage ourselves-neophyte-site, and the opinion of our members is unanimous: the result, around an existing logo, is beautiful." "And administration of the site is easy. Thanks to fomaxtech. It's very nice to work with them with good environment and best employees.

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