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Flying Blue Complaints & Reviews

Flying Blue / Award ticket is for one way only

Dec 2, 2011

I can't belive how misarable the flying blue membership can be. They are charging 15 000 miles for a direct flight + another 15 000 for the return flight, so you need 30 000 miles to fly from Bucharest to Viena, for example. There is no reason to bother keeping a cand in your pocket and gathering miles for such a monkey business. I knew from the begining that it will not worth it, but now I'm sure. Wake up, because the competition is far away, Star Alliance for eample offering the round-trip for 15 000 miles. And it is a far better service on top of it. Additionally, the airport tax...

Flying Blue / Mileage theft


Recently in (March 2009) I received a letter stating that my Mileage will expire April 2009 (failing in the letter to state on what date it expires and not given the consumer enough time to plan for a trip). So, I went to my account on April 28 and I found out that my mileage expired April 3 09 I have 0 miles balance - They technically took away all my mileage balance - over 90K worth of a business ticket by misguiding (me) - giving me an open ended date to react and by changing the rules of membership without sufficient time for anyone to make plans to use their miles. I feel they are very...

Flying Blue / Stealing airmiles


I recently cashed in some miles for travel from Asia to UK. I made the booking over the phone and was told it would be 60, 000 miles plus taxes etc. I have since been charged 80, 000 miles as - apparently - the rules changed on April 1st. KLM have admitted it was their mistake, twice, but refuse to refund the miles. I was then verbally told they would refund - but they have changed their mind. Consequently - i have lost the equivalent of a £2000 ticket - even though they admit the problem was created by themselves. I have better things to do than waste time trying to convince a large...