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flight - South Australia, Adelaide / overcharge on flight

Oct 15, 2014

booked a flight from Adelaide to Gold Coast return When booking through E Dreams total charge to Be $1485 but an amount of $1673.65 was charged to my credit card from E Dream Booking Confirmation : EH9Y5R Jetstar Would greatly appreciate a quick response to this query My email address [email protected] regards Josie

flight / Luggage violated and items stolen

Dec 27, 2012

REF:. ITEMS STOLEN FROM CHECKED LUGGAGE IN THE SOUTH AFRICAN AIRLINES FLIGHT Dear sirs, I present below my complaint, not only request the company to reimburse me by the injury, but mainly to alert other people to not go through the same experience and injury that I went through. ALERT I come to warn you to avoid flying through South African Airlines, because I realized that there is evidence of a theft scheme installed in Johannesburg airport, and, in my experience, the company - S. African - has no interest in reimbursing the damage to customer. MY RECENT HISTORY: Travelling from Singapore to...