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FJR Advisors Complaints & Reviews

FJR Advisors / internet fraud offer on 2 publications

Mar 22, 2018

I stupidly decided to try 2 of FJR's internet publications @ $9.97 each. I was supposed to immediately receive the download info. All I have been getting is more solicitations for more so called publications. I am smelling fraud. Frank Rumbauskus seems to be a fraud and I hope he is soon stopped from his selling of this lie!! I only wasted $20.00 but it still pisses me off that this guy hasn't been brought up on fraud charges and put in jail. I'm sure I am only the tip of the iceberg.

FJR Advisors - California / over charged

Dec 21, 2011

I bought a set of cds from FJR and was expecting a $9.95 charge for shipping, theycharged me $15.25. I returned the cd set before the 30days and the information was not useful. They said they didn't recieve the cds back and charged my credit card $97 and $47, the prices was supposed to be $99.95. I stupidly sent the cds back via the post office and don't have a tracking number, they claim they didn't receive the cds. I am disputing this claim. The worse part in addition to being overcharged is that you can't talk to a live person. I believe this is a scam.

FJR Advisors - California, Newport Beach / Scam and cheating


I purchased an ebook from FJR Advisors which was supposed to be locked from printing for 30 days. After 30 days we were supposed to be able to print the file. I contacted FJR by both phone & help desk & finally was sent a password to unlock the file. Unfortunately, I have no experience with locked files & do not know where or how to open them with a password. I asked for help & was told to check with Adobe Help to see how to do this. I looked in help & found nothing. I again asked for help from FJR Advisors but received none. All they have to do is email me an unlocked file instead of trying...