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Fitness Magazine Complaints & Reviews

Fitness Magazine / Online account

Reviewer80911 on Sep 14, 2015

I have been trying for two months to delete my online account with Fitness Magazine. How can a web site not have a section for delete account. I try looking it up in their search engine and get articles. Then to make things worse, I click on customer service and get directed to Shape Magazine and asking me to log in with my account - I don't have any magazine subscriptions to either and should be able to just sent to a page where I can either click "delete account" or a page where I can actually send an email asking for help in doing so. Now I'm mad and even more disgusted...

Fitness Magazine / Subscription not authorized

Marie McNamara on Dec 30, 2014

I did not authorize this magazine subscription, they charged my credit card. There is no phone number to contact them, there is no way to contact them. I will dispute the charge on my credit card but others need to be aware of them and their suspicious activites. Thank goodness I am young and understand what they are doing, how many older people are they scamming?

Fitness Magazine - Texas, Ft Worth / Subscription not renewed but keep getting

Fitness Magazine on Jul 14, 2011

I keep getting Fitness Magazines.I ordered and paid for one a notice saying that I owed for my subscription. I didn't order but went ahead and paid because they said that it was about to go to collection. Now they started another subscription. How can I contact Fitness besides the computer. What is their phone number, main office?

Fitness Magazine - Ohio, Sylvania / Sending me magazines i never subscribed to

I subscribed to guide post magazine for my mother in february 2009. Then all of a sudden i started getting fitness magazine in the mail now for the past 3 months. I do not want this fitness magazine, i did not subscribe to it, i do not read it and i will not pay for it. I don't want it even if it is free right now. Makes me think of never subscribing to any magazines in the future if this happens. Thank you for your help with this matter, paula

Fitness Magazine / billing


they keep billing me and i never subscribed! I have tried to cancel but they will not accept! I don't want there stupid magazine and I am not going to pay for it!

Fitness Magazine - Texas, Houston / Billing for subscription I didn't order

Fitness magazine is terrible about billing for subscription I never ordered. For the life of me, I have no idea where they got my name, address, etc. I NEVER ordered a subscription, but they began sending me magazines and then the bills started coming. Bill after bill came, and I would send it back with written statement that I never ordered the magazine and to stop sending the magazines and the bills. I have e-mailed them, written them, tried to call (no phone number available), etc. to try to stop, but they do NOT listen. I threatened legal repercussions in my last e-mail message to them in December 2008. We shall see.