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Sep 11, 2013

My wife ordered a dress and provided her measurements, ordering the dress 2 sizes larger than her known size. The dress arrived 2 sizes smaller than her true size and there was no label or sizing on the dress and no packing slip or invoice to indicate this. We tried to get an exchange via their horrible customer service dept and we kept gettign the runaround and all kinds of delay tactics. Can you believe they asked us to provide "evidence" that the dress didn't fit by having my wife squeeze into it the best she could and then take pictures to send to them instead of just exchanging the... / They are in total breach of the sales contract

May 03, 2012

My daughter ordered her prom dress a month ago, her senior prom is Saturday, May 5th. We have no dress, even paid expedited shipping fees to have it here no later than April 23rd. Zoe Lau is the idiot emailing me back, telling me the supplier is working on it, but despite the fact that I have canceled the order, they refuse to refund our money. They are in total breach of the sales contract. I have sent several emails, would live to put them out of business...any advice? She pretends that she doesn't understand and says the phones aren't working. Another reason to buy American. / I have had a TERRIBLE experience with this website

Apr 22, 2012

I have had a TERRIBLE experience with this website. I ordered a dress for my senior prom and initially it came out beautifully, I really liked it; however, this was not the problem. a couple days later on my way to get the dress tailored I noticed when i held the dress up into the sunlight that there were multiple glue stains and what seemed like burn marks. From there I followed the websites return policy and took pictures of the dress and sent them in explaining what had happened. So far i have received terrible costumer service. they first told me "I think the problem can be solve quickly... / Please stay away, i got ripped off my hard earned money

Apr 18, 2012

Please do not buy from this site, it is a total scam, i just got done for $257 AUD. I ordered a dress and paid, but got no dress and instead i got "one liners" with excuses and lies. One day they write that the dress is being made, however the day after they write that the dress is not made just yet. After many emails today they are offering me a 50% refund...lucky me if ever... Please stay away i got ripped off my hard earned money. / This website is a total scam

Mar 29, 2012

This website is a total scam. I ordered a light pink dress with pink and purple gems and sequins that were elegantly arranged. When it came in the mail i opened up the bag to find a bubble gum pink fabric...getting a little nervous i opened up the rest of the dress to find it decorated with yelowish and orang beading...not only did the colors completely clash but the design of them looked like it was done by a second grader. the cheap beads all looked like they were going to fall off. Plus there was a few sewing flaws. When i tried to return this dress they kept emailing me back with thing...