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First Bank Complaints & Reviews

First Bank / Atm machine

Dec 4, 2015

I used my uba atm card on the first bank atm machine in ojodu-berger on the 27th of july 2014 . I was debited to the tune of 20, 000 (twenty thousand naira only) without payment. I waited a while and then proceeded to the second atm machine outside where i was able to withdraw 20, 000. Thereafter, i proceeded to uba branch in grammar school, omole to lodge the complaint, without response i came to uba area 11 branch, abuja to make a repeated complaint. Yesterday 3rd december, 2015 they eventually told me that i collected the money whereas, i did not. Please, i want my money. My name is esogban sunday afiazobhe, uba account number 1005211428, phone number 08036634988. Thank you.

First Bank / unethical

Jun 12, 2012

They refused to release $50-$100 so I could make home from being stranded in the mountains because I lost my wallet and other ATM card. I was robbed, almost died, didn't eat for 4 days. They would rather see there customers stranded than take a chance of losing $50 if the check didn't clear. I have direct deposit for $3000 every two weeks and am very low rist. If you bank here your banking with an unethical company that could careless about the customer. All they care about is profit and remember that when you go to open an account. YOUR DEALING WITH THE DEVIL IF YOU BANK WITH THEM...

First Bank - Colorado, Denver / Dishonest Business Practice

Jun 10, 2012

I went into a branch because I wanted the free kindle fire offer. Seemed pretty simple: 1) Open a checking account, 2) sign up for online banking, 3) have a direct deposit of over $300 or have three bill payments to separate companies. I made it clear that I was only doing this for the offer and I had banking assets elsewhere. The banker started going over all the services that I'm automatically enrolled in because they can only setup accounts in packages (eg. both checking and savings accounts). He said he ran my credit and that I automatically qualify for their overdraft protection...

First Bank / Bad customer service

May 30, 2012

Horrible customer service. When they make a mistake on your account they pretty much say oops or they blame someone else, not taking responsibility. I just opened an acct and they clearly dont care about keeping me as a valued customer. I asked many questions about the accts and fees and i didnt hear anything about fees! uh not looking forward to dealing with them about that...they don't listen to problems that they cause and they dont care to deal with them either.

First Bank / Hidden Monthly Fees

Aug 28, 2011

I signed up for First Bank with $100 for a free iPod. You have to leave the money in for 6 months, so I never checked my balance and assumed they were taking good care of my $100. A little over a year later and that $100 had shrunk to $52.50 with tons of monthly fees that nobody at First Bank told me about. Somehow I got signed up for bill pay, which is $5/month if you don’t pay 3 bills per month. When I complained, they refunded a measly $5 of the $47.50 they had taken and said I should have read the hundreds of pages of fine type legalese documents.

First Bank - Colorado, Boulder / hidden fees

Feb 17, 2011

Tons of hidden fees that are never mentioned - I suggest you go with a more up-front bank without hidden fees. I signed up with $100 for a free iPod. You have to leave the money in for 6 months, so I never checked my balance and assumed they were taking good care of my $100. A little over a year later and that $100 had shrunk to $52.50 with tons of monthly fees that nobody told me about. Somehow I got signed up for bill pay, which is $5/month if you don't pay 3 bills per month. I never would have signed up for this since I wasn't even using the account, just leaving my money in...

First Bank - Missouri / Overdraft limit and fees


I just want others out there to know that First Bank is a horrible bank--if you're smart, do not bank with them. They do reordering of checks so that they can give more overdraft fees (taking out say a check for a $1000 first, which puts you close to $0, and then subsequent transactions that may be for as little as $2 will be put through for a bank fee of $32). They don't tell you when you get an account that they allow you to overdraft by $750! Now I know that I am responsible for checking what I spend, but to make a long story short, my husband and I use the same account, and...

First Bank - California, Rocklin / 4% Money Market


The First Bank branch in Rocklin, CA posted a 4% Money Market account banner outside of their branch. I went in and opened an account. I wrote a check from brokerage account on Oct. 24, 2008, the check cleared my brokerage account on Oct 27, 2008, the money was no longer in this brokerage account and no longer making interest in this brokerage account. Today is Nov 5, 2008 (9 days) and this money is still not available in for withdrawl. This money is not earning interest? I called the customer service and explained that the brokerage account customer service confirmed that First Bank had the...

First Bank - Michigan, Saint Louis / Poor customer service


This is the lesson I just learned that cost me $224.00 in overdraught penalty fees. Yes, technically it was my fault because I made a mathematical error balancing my checkbook. But, my complaint is the rude customer service I received from First Bank here in St. Louis, MO when I called them to explain what I did, they just basically told me it was my tough luck and then they started lecturing me on being more responsible. I didn't want them to refund all the fees, just a portion if they could, but they acted like they couldn't care less to keep me as a customer, they had my money and...

First Bank / Fraud & scam


I went on line for a pay day loan and the next thing I know I have a debit from my checking account for the amount of 31.98 on 4/29 and then another debit on 5/29 for 31.98. I did not authorize these debits and i want the money refunded back into my account. If the money is not refunded I will pay the extra money for a lawyer to get the money credited because this is fraud.