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Firehouse Promotions Complaints & Reviews

Firehouse Promotions - Iowa / Scam solicition


We received a call from a lady identifying herself as a representative of Firehouse Promotions. They are working with the Marion Fire Department, putting together message boards for every household in Marion, Iowa. She solicited our business to purchase a 2x2" square ad on this message board for $400. She then offered it to us for $300, as a last minute deal. I told my husband to hold off; started doing some research on the Internet, and found many complaints about this company. It appears to be a scam. I found complaints listed for other states, the closest being Moline, Illinois, but nothing in Iowa. Watch out people in Iowa!

Firehouse Promotions / Scam and cheating


Firehouse Promotions Inc. contacted me July 31, 2008. Very similar to what I read the Las Vegas Realtor wrote…They said they received my information off of and 'You're very pretty' is what 'Sales Manager' Mary said. They stated they were calling from a company that produces emergency contact info on magnetic dry/erase memo boards and that they are contracted with the local fire department to make these boards and would I like to sponsor ad space for one of six spots available, & I would be the only Realtor featured on the ad. The said 10, 000 memo...