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I start out with few errors that I was getting from Internet Explorer, and a bit of slowness of the computer...then I saw this commercial it looked like the perfect solution, after I ran the software they found lots of errors that needed to be fixed...after the fix I rebooted the computer... and since I have not been able to restart the computer...ever, , , it can't find the proper files to goes into a weird cycle of checking the harddisk and rebooting on its own... My SONY Vaio is dead. / Virus and adware


Like lots of people, I saw the commercial for and went to the site to see if my computer could be made faster.They tell you to download thier "search software", so I picked the save option as usual.When I went to install, My AWG antivirus program put up a window that the program being installed has 1 virus and 3 adwares.Apparently they infect your computer then want to sell you a program to remove what they put on there.Don't do it. / Rip off


I saw a commercial for, which promised to speed up my computer. Against my better judgment, I decided to check it out. The web site looks official, even saying it is endorsed by Microsoft. I downloaded the software which (of corse) found errors that he program promised to fix. I decided to order the program for 29.95, since it had a 100% 'Money back guarantee.' When I tried to order it, I was told that my order couldn't be processed due to my address not matching my card, which I knew was false. I was then attacked by a Trojan virus that has since just about... - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia / Messed up my computer


I saw the commerical, my husband and I decided to purchase this software. As soon as I installed it, it found 599 errors, afterwards this program would pop in the middle of other websites, freezing up everything. My computer has never been the same, it runs slower, and freezes. I put in a complaint over the internet as stated on the site I have not been contact by anyone, and when you try to call the number 215-320-6000 all you get is a recording directing back to the internet. What a Scam!!! shame on you!!! Lisa