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Files Express Complaints & Reviews

Files Express / Scam


I was looking for a particular program which is actually no longer 'in print'. This place, Files Express, claimed to have it and I could download it if I joined for a one-off fee of £29.95 (A special offer, no less!). After putting my credit card details into their forms I was informed at the end that the transaction had been declined (which rang alarm bells immediately, I'd already become slightly suspicious because it also insisted on my address and post code). It then offered a button which asked "Would I like to try a different card instead?" Yeah of course I would! I...

Files Express / Exchange Rate Rip-Off


I signed up to Files Express attracted by their special offer of $28.66 (US dollars) but when I received my confirmation email this had turned into £26.88 (GBP). I had expected this to be about £16.50 at today's exchange rates. This is a rip-off! Not only that, they had added several other items taking the charge to over £57. I have bought many things on the internet and am used to keeping an eye out for these sorts of unwanted additional charges and these were not spotted - which means they must have been displayed in such a way that they couldn't easily be seen. I wa...