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Ferrandino and Son Complaints & Reviews

Ferrandino and Son - North Dakota, Minot / non-payment for services rendered

Aug 07, 2017

My company like a lot of other companies never got paid for the work we did for Ferrandino and son. If there is anybody out there that can help me please let me know . My company is small and the money they didn't pay us almost closed our doors. Were talking about thousands of dollars they refuse to pay us knowing there's nothing we can do to get our payment. We finished every job they gave us on time and got every work order signed off so there's no reason why we didn't get paid when we know Ferrandino and son got paid. After reading all the complaints I can see how they stay in business they don't pay their subcontractors!! If anybody can help please let me know thank you

Ferrandino and Son - New York, New York / PAYMENT

Jun 07, 2015

Alex Dworkin had my company go to BB&T bank ( 2 story tall building) and check out a flashing detail on the roof. Apparently they just acquired this bank as a client and needed FREE ADVICE. I was led to believe there was a roofing problem. After talking to the manager in the bank, she had said there has been no leaking from the roof for years. The man that represented Ferrandino company had no ladder tall enough, the wrong shoes ( street shoes) to evaluate any possible problem. I believe I was used in order to give them a diagnosis / evaluation of the roof. After repeated efforts to get paid...

Ferrandino and Son - Florida, farmingdale / Non-Payment

Oct 23, 2012

Ferrandino and Son is a company that gets contracted out by larger companies like Wal-Mart or Best Buy to handle their facilities HVAC maintenance. We were contacted in this case by Ferrandino and Son to take a look at the Miami location for a duct cleaning and maintenance. We went to provide an estimate for the location in Miami, store #557. Ultimately Ferrandino and Son accepted this proposal. The proposal consisted of doing an intensive duct cleaning of the interior and exterior of the duct work. We did multiple coil cleanings on location. We cleaned off 30 commercial sized grills. We sanitized...