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when i agred to use fedgrants it was suposed to be a smal amount to get the list of gov.grants .i never got the list ofd grants and now i see that they have charged my account 39.95 i am now trying to cansel my account and have run into all sortes of problems they are makeing it as hard as possiable to cansel . this all sounds to me like it is a SCAM like the porn people use once hooked they real u in . stay clear of this site and do not reveal ur credit card number to them rick talbot// [email protected] / unauthorize charges


I never authorize for any of this infomation. I like this return to my acct. Do not access my acct again for payments. This is fraud, and you will be held accountable. Pending1 Debit Card: WWW.FEDGRANTUSA.COM -$39.95 6/12/2009 CHASE PHOENIX 0612 O -$100.00 $24.95 6/10/2009 Check - 0000006006 6006 -$100.00 $124.95 6/10/2009 XFR/OLB TRANSFER TO ******8830 -$12.39 $224.95 6/10/2009 XFR/OLB TRANSFER TO ******8830 -$10.00 $237.34 6/8/2009 MC-WWW FEDGRANTUSA COM 877-4951173