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Federal Grant USA Complaints & Reviews

Federal Grant USA - Arizona / Taking unauthorized charges out of my account. Hasen't sent me my cd on top of that. Its all a scam i bet. I'm very fustrated.


I have recently purchased what i thought was a free cd that was suppose to help me find grants for college. All i had to do was pay shipping and handleling of 2.29$ i believe. However, this morning and a couple of days ago i check my bank account and see that the grant company withdraweled $39.99 out of my account then this morning i see that a withdrawel of 9.95 and 7.95 i believe is also withdrawel. I don't even know what these website are that they're drawing money out of my account for. I sure don't remember ever authorizing it. Now thx to these charges i now have...

Federal Grant USA - Ohio / Took $80.00 total out of my account


I ordered this Grant CD not knowing I had been Hijacked from a Federal Government web site as I was looking for new grants to start a business in Solar power. I took a look at my back statements and for 2 months I have had $39.95 taken out two times without my permission. I called and cancelled but could not understand the person on the other end very well. I never used there services and I am trying to get my money back. Not only that but you get charged by a company called Network agenda, and Web savers Club, this is not right and they should be reported to the State Attorney General. I will be filing a complant.