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Federal Grant Department Complaints & Reviews

Federal Grant Department / Deduction of Money from my account

Jul 06, 2016

Hello, My name is Malaika Small and I'm writing in regards of money that has been deducted from my account . I recieved a phone call stating that i qualified for a "federal grant" i supposedly applied for which i never did. I was also told that i had to pay an one time payment of $3.87 for shipping and handling fee to recieve this so called federal grant and then it would we sent out within 24 to 48 hrs in the form of and check. I was giving an confirmation # but i never received any grant check but the money was pulled from my accounts. The confirmation #s where 60784, 485268, and 862018. I...

Federal Grant Department / False claims

Jul 25, 2012

Yesterday I received a call from Federal Grant Department in Washington. They told that I am a lucky one and they have chosen me out of other 20000 people. They offered me $10000 grant for college. They missed smth up. I am 50-yr old man. I don’t need money for college. They tried to scam me!