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Febreeze / Proctor & Gamble Complaints & Reviews

Febreeze / Proctor & Gamble / Continuing Febreze Air Effects container problems

Jan 18, 2012

I love your Febreze Apple Spice & Delight air refresher, but hate the waste (in product AND costs) when the dispensers stop working properly. Maybe you should put your superior product in the same type of dispenser containers that other air freshening products come in? Is there any way to get a refund for my losses. Currently I have 2 half-used containers; and I've had at least 8 others over the years since I first found this product. Today's incident is just the latest of all the times this has happened.

Febreeze / Proctor & Gamble / Air effects containers that stop spraying full spray when half empty

Jan 10, 2012

Every container of Air Effects stops spraying a full spray when it is half empty. I like the ease of the containers and the scents, but it is very annoying to have the full spray stop half way through the use of the can. I use Meadows & Rain. I would like to find a lemon scent, but all I have found so far is citrus. Really enjoy Air Effects just want it to continue with a full spray until can is empty. I use a lot of Proctor and Gamble products, in fact they are my favorite. Just need to work on the container for Air Effects.