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Featherlite Industries LLC Complaints & Reviews

Featherlite Industries LLC / They gave me fake check and after that they switched all phones

Apr 23, 2015

I got the offer to work for the company Featherlite Industries LLC. They promised to pay me 15% from each deals. It was ok, but they provided the first check, and when I tried to withdraw money from them, the check turned to be fake. As well as these jerks already switched the phones off and I couldn’t reach them. The company is scam and not recommended, so please be careful if you deal with them.

Featherlite Industries LLC / Got ripped off

Jun 19, 2012

I received email with a job offer from Featherlite Industries LLC and my first assignment was to pay some bills for this company and in order to do it I was sent check that I had to cash. Once I was finished with paying the bills I received phone call from my bank who told me that check I’ve cashed earlier is fake.