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Fat Burning Furnace Complaints & Reviews

Fat Burning Furnace / Knock Off Product No Refund Source


Can not get in touch with Eat Burning Furnane for refund! AND: SCAM, SCAM, SCAM Poor knock off of Bill Phillips "Body for Life". To see what this “wanta be program” is trying to copy – buy (or better yet) borrow from library instead . – Far cheaper, MUCH better and more complete book and program. I am an MD with a PhD in nutrition counseling and was asked to review this. This is so incomplete on so many levels I give it an F-. Requires professional equipment (-- even the most advanced home gym equipment would be insufficient, Bill Phillips shows "how too" with or without such...

Fat Burning Furnace / want to cancel order


after entering credit card info, did not download product. have decided I do not want product and want to cancel order however, i am unable to contact the company since there is no website except for the sale website. I do not want to enter my credit card data again and get charged again to try to contact them. My order # FTMES89P (I am unsure if the "S" may be a "5" as I was jotting down the # so fast.

Fat Burning Furnace / Scam


The very pleasant Rob goes into detail about how he and his wife Kaitlyn lost weight how they too, can help you to lose weight using their exercise regime, they express that it doesn't involve forking out a fortune on gym equipment, they pull you in by allowing you to browse their book to see for your self, just costs a couple of euro, dollars and of course if you don't like it you don't have to pay the rest of the money, like any idiot would; you give your card details and download the book, after two seconds you realise it's complete rubbish and try t o contact them to...