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Fastlink Complaints & Reviews

Fastlink / scam shipment from usuuse

Sep 16, 2018

I were told to received a parcel from a friend from US that I met in social media. But I saw the shipping amount is too high about us $2500. It's feel strange how expensive it is the parcel he sent. I haven't received call from custom about the parcel issues, but I think they will call within this two days. As therefore, I would like to get the advise from you what should I do when it is happens.. Should I pay the money to them? But why it not pay to official company account but it pay under a personal name? So I just want to get advise is all this a scam?

Fastlink / Fake company

Dec 04, 2015

Please do not simply add friend from facebook. I did receive the same fake text too. Attached the photos for all your info. The man said he is American Chinese name Lim Won and work as a pilot. Said that happy to know me and sent me gifts as christmas gifts. At the end all fake. A malay girl called me said from Fastlink service company asked to bank in money so that i can receive the gifts attached foto were sent by him. I have the text messages from the malay lady too. She asked me to bank in money to Zanuriah bt mohd ismail. Under CIMB bank with ac no. [protected]. Attached foto for the reference. Please be careful don't be a victim.

Fastlink / Custom fee

Jul 01, 2015

One jasen roberts told me he sent me a parcel from auk, parcel number 01 / ab / 22c3 / 21 but that parcel never arrived and was told to pay r1250. 00 for them to deliver the parcel so fast after that they said i should pay r2500. 00 customs fee. . . From then then started playing games. Jasen's number is [protected] and the lady's number is [protected]. . . May god punish them severly where ever they are.