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Fast Move Inc Complaints & Reviews

Fast Move Inc - California, Newark / DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY


DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY This company will tell you whatever you want to hear to get you to us their services. Once they have you sign the electronic contract they will add additional unauthorized and unnecessary charges. I too was asked to sign paperwork with missing information that was later filled in. When they came to pack for our move they randomly repacked boxes and required additional packing materials totaling 1950. I paid an additional fee to have our stuff delivered on a guaranteed date. I paid 1000. for this service. When they did deliver as promised I was offered 100 as a refund and...

Fast Move Inc - California, Newark / Criminals


They quoted me an extremely low price 1300 initially to move my belongings from San Francisco to Irving, Texas.. The movers came on the 30th of April and told my wife that they could not load the truck unless she signed papers and they were all blank. The next day after the moving company had left they filled in the paper work and repacked all of our boxes into new boxes which we did not ask for nor were we informed that they would be doing so and we were not told about the 1750 in extra charges. they left an estimate of 5200 dollars which was added to the paperwork that was blank the day...