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Fast cash international Complaints & Reviews

Fast cash international - California / Identity Theft


They called me on Friday August 20th, 2017 and said I had defaulted on a internet loan and that I needed to be in Federal Court on Monday August 23, 2017 in Los Angeles. I asked the name of the company that I had gotten the loan from and the date of the loan. He said he could not provide that information that he was just calling to let me lknow that I needed to be in Court on Monday to answer to the complaint. I asked him again the name of the company and the date of the loan, he replied that he did not have to give me that information. I replied that if I was a defendent I had the right to...

Fast cash international - California / Threat of Lawsuit and Funds payments


I just returned a call to these bozos as well just a few moments ago. They had left 6 prior voicemails to return the call and if I had an attorney that my attorney needed to contact them. I Called 2 times before and they hung up on me. This time I got someone from what sounded like India but at an american area code and each time the phone numbers to call back were different. I was asked if I knew about a pending suit for some $6, 000.00 dollars for using a web site service where they were able to pull the first amount of funds out (they confirmed the routing number but not the actual account...