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Fast Cash Complaints & Reviews

Fast Cash - Texas, Dallas / Loan I never had

Jan 23, 2017

This is the e-mail that was send to me last wednesday from a bogus company demanding money from me or they will sue me. I never heard of this company, nor ever applied for a loan with them. I called the number and the man who i spoke to would not give his name and has a heavy middle eastern accent and kept demanding money or i would get reported to credit bureau and social security, plus be served with court order to pay. I know this is a fraudulent company as they are using reverse phone system and have had problems in the past with bogus companies like this one with the same run a round...

Fast Cash / Email from this bogus company

Dec 9, 2015

I received an email from this bogus company. I just happened to open my spam folder and saw it. It is the same form letter i have seen others post in complaints but with other payday advance company names on it. We have never had a payday advance with this company or any of the companies i have seen named. Not only that, but this came to my email address, yet if there was an account with anyone, it would be my husband's contact info they should have (Email) as i am a full time wife / mom with no income and could not get a payday advance with anyone. Lol below is a copy / paste of the...