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Farmington Hills Manor Apartments Complaints & Reviews

Farmington Hills Manor Apartments - Michigan, Farmington Hills / Continued Noise Harassment

Apr 02, 2013

The following is an update on a on going problem with a second floor resident. I'm sure there are many people out there who are experiencing the same harassment. My question is why do people get away with this harassment? The management does nothing. For the past eight months this resident and others that are his friends in the complex have been allowed to harass me. I just returned to my apartment early evening yesterday from being gone for over a week. As soon as I walked into the door I immediately heard the man above me jump out of his chair, slam his feet on the floor, rush to the...

Farmington Hills Manor Apartments - Michigan, Farmington Hills / Odor that makes me sick

Mar 01, 2013

I had posted on this site how the tenants above me, next to me and across from me are harassing me with noise, smoke, and violation of privacy. I have been spending time away from my apartment because of this harassment( I'm not there 3/4 of the time as it is and now I have been forced out I can't even spend five minuets there without someone doing one of these things to me) I had packed items in black grocery tote bags made of cloth. I also had grabbed a plastic tote bag. I was coming back and forth gathering items at different times. Each time I came back I kept noticing an odor in...

Farmington Hills Manor Apartments - Michigan, Farmington Hills / Residential Harassments

Feb 19, 2013

The manager and the residents in apartments 201, 202, 102, 109 and others in building "A" all seem to work as a team to harass people they do not like and try to get them evicted. When I was asking the manager the cost to move in, in the middle of the month, she kept changing the dollar amount. Then she said she would pay half and I could pay half of the rent, she was going to split the rent with me. I asked why would you do that? She replied, "Because I like you". I did not take her offer. She has never given me a copy of my lease. I asked her once and the owners twice. They are refusing to...