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Fairfield Resorts Complaints & Reviews

Fairfield Resorts / I've paid for other people to stay in my &deeded& property while my family has had to stay home.


We purchased a "deeded property" with Fairfield Resorts in Las Vegas over a year ago. We have made over $7500 in payments to Fairfield and have received zero in return. At the sales meeting we were promised many things, none of which have been fulfilled. We were promised vacations with our family at a price we could afford and times convenient for us. NONE of this has happened. We purchased in Las Vegas because of our love of the city and our favorite pass time- NASCAR! We were told at the sales meeting that we would be able to stay at our "deeded" property for all Vegas NASCAR races and there...

Fairfield Resorts / Don't buy from Faifield Resorts!


I had previously listed a complaint about Fairfield Resorts and had thought the matter had been "settled" but just found out today that it was a complete lie from one of their representatives. I had previously tried to warn all about dealing with Fairfield Resorts from the fact that, I was lied to during the sales presentation and that any payments you owe will be automatically deducted from your bank account. I was set up with automatic payments from Faifleld and was told there was insufficient funds in my account, and that 2 months payment were not payed. I immediately checked my account...