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EZ Net Income Complaints & Reviews

EZ Net Income / scam


i read an advertissement in facebook, about making money just by working online..there were lots of testimonies and i found it so i decided to buy there product which is called google money.i paid £1.98 with my credit card.just to make sure that it is legal i searched about this company in and read lota of complains about it. now i am worried about my card details as well as my money.could someone please help me to cancel my purchased product and get my money back..please

EZ Net Income / Internet Fraud


Since the site is based in the US, fill out this form: I filed one too, but since no money actually got taken from me, they probably won't do anything. Also, here's my research on the matter: So maybe you've seen that ad on facebook for the EZ Net Income. There's this guy named "Jordan" who has made "a lot of money." There are pictures of everything and you start thinking, looks legit right? (Well, I never think anything is legit if it means a free way to benefit me). Reasons why this is a scam: 1. You cannot verify...