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EZ Lube Complaints & Reviews

EZ Lube - California, Redondo Beach / Plain lazy & Stupid employees


My wife & I went in today 7-19-2017 to have just the oil changed. We even told the employee all we want is just the oil changed nothing else! Ok, he said. We will be right back (need to buy some lunch to take home with us). We come back and van is outside with the hood up. One employee comes in, is this your van? Yes, you need a new air cleaner. I said we will take care of that later, Thanks! He goes back out and can't figure out which way the air cleaner goes back in ( I watched him flip it around five time). Then he looks right at me and begins to tight up the bolts with just a socket...

EZ Lube / Awful company


I never complain about anything on the internet. But this incident is so bad I would not wish it on my worst enemy. Our 2004 Subaru has always been in perfect condition, never gave us any trouble. We've always done regular maintenance on it and pampered the car. In December 2007, all I went into EZ lube for was an oil change. But in addition to the oil change, they suggested that I replace the power steering belts. And they showed me how there's a crack in mine. So I thought that sounds reasonable, and approved the work. Immediately after they change the belts, I could tell something wa...

EZ Lube - California, Marina del Rey / Cabin filter rip-off


In mid 2007, I went to EZ Lube for a typical oil change + tire rotation per my Acura's maintenance guide. When I got there, they don't offer tire rotation service and they upselled me to change my cabin filter by showing me how dirty it was. I said fine, change it. Now in July 2008, I go to Jiffy Lube in Westchester and I asked them to check my air filters per my maintenance guide. When they pulled it out, it looked like the air filter EZ Lube "replaced" for me was about 2 inches shorter than it should be. Looks like EZ Lube replaced it alright, but with a different size!!! DO NOT go to EZ Lube on Washington next to Costco!!!