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Eyepothesis Complaints & Reviews

Eyepothesis / I had no idea this was a scam

Jikade on Oct 14, 2012

I got an email about testing products, then reporting back to them, then getting to keep the item. I never gave them my debit card number. I sent them an email to ask how the got my card number and who gave them permission to use it. I didn't. I did not hear back from them. I called the phone number on my bank statement. I just got a recording. I couldn't talk to a person because it was a machine taking the call. I really need that money. I am on disability. I had no idea this was a scam.

Eyepothesis - Colorado / scam and misleading information

preet123 on Jun 25, 2012

I was offered this product through a third party. Before placing the order I called to check and I was told that there are no issues with returns etc. I ordered on the 13th and received the product on 19th. of June, 2012. I used it once but had a swelling and rash. I decided to visit dermatologist and was told to immediately discontinue the product. I decided to discontinue the future order and let them know about the product reaction. I was already charged $78.41 plus the initial $4.00 and shipping handling. They totally refused to take the product .They will not bother or listen except...

Eyepothesis - Colorado, Boulder / They stole my money

alitha on Feb 18, 2012

I was scammed out of 168.00 by this company and have submitted my complaint. I wanted to share information that I have discovered regarding the company that might help. The company that owns a lot of scam companies including Eyepothesis, Ivory White and Bella Clear Is Convertis Inc. but you won't find Eyepothesis listed there at the website: The owner is Blair McNea, who I found on Facebook. His address is 6260 Lookout Rd, Boulder Colorado and his phone number is 800-964-4593. Other principles in the company are: Marnie Baesler, Walter Long and Brent Tuttle. The...

Eyepothesis - Ontario, Acton / Charged my card $81.69

Jill F. Sandford on Jan 20, 2012

I ordered a free trial of eyepothesis on 1/4/12 and it was shipped on 1/6/12. I received it on 1/16/12. On 1/18/12 they charged my credit card $81.69. Today when I called they told me my "trial" period was up. They did not care how long it took me to receive their product. They offered me a $45.00 refund. Would you please try to get the balance of $36.69 put back on my credit card. If you ordered 3 things you were supposed to receive a $250.00 Walmart Gift Card, which I have never received. Thank-you Jill F. Sandford 86 Wallace St., Acton, Ontario. L7J 2E9 Canada

Eyepothesis - Colorado, Aurora / Eye cream

Machel on May 13, 2011

Ordered a trial size product for $1. Then cancelled within 30 minutes of ordering with automated customer service. Called customer service 30 inutes after they opened and they said I couldn't cancel because the product had already shipped out, but the product did not arrive until 7 days later. One person said I would be charged 19.41 another 78.41. This is a typical bait and switch scheme. They get your credit card numbr and then make all these claims.

Eyepothesis - Colorado, Boulder / unauthorized withdrawal

abusedgranny on Jan 25, 2011

while i was on the internet a pop up came on about receving a 500.00 macys gift card. in order to qualify you had to pick out 2 itens. i did not have much money so i picked out the eyepothesis eye cream for a 1.00 trial and used my direct express card which my soc sec disability checks are placed on. they said you had 19 days to cancel or they would send it to you monthly and charge 78.41 i cxld within 3 days and also sent by mail a cancellation form. on dec 10 2010 they withdrew 78.41 from my direct express card even though i had cxld i called them they were extremely rude and refused to...

Eyepothesis - Colorado, Aurora / charge 78.41 for a trial size

MARTY DUBOIS on Jan 21, 2011

I ansawere an internet ad for a free sample of eyepothesis and pay a 1.00 shipping. I paid the 1.00 and someone called me back right away and was trying to sell othe stuff and was trying to get more money. I told them to just cancel the whoe mess and not charge me with anything. Well a few days later (jan. 20th) my debit card was charged 78.41. I have not recieved any product, and was told that i did not call with in the time limit. How can you try a product with ever recieving it? There was supposed to be an 8 day trial period. I ordered and canceled on Jan. 12th. supposedly, it was shipped...

Eyepothesis - Colorado, Boulder / free trial, charged for product

opted for a free trial for only $1 to cover shipping and handling checked the web and saw people were being charged the full product price for these free trials called their 800 number and got a cancellation option, saying to return the product within 15 days so my credit card will not be charged, or buy at a lower price nothing like the $1 trial they offered i don't know if this is a good product or not but this is not the way to force people to buy

Eyepothesis - Colorado, Boulder / bbb

Attached is a copy of my letter to the atty gen of Colorado and there response please contact them as I did I got a follow up from the BBB see my complaint against Ivory White also if you want your money back and stop these people get on board I had to close my checking acct because of them.I see on here that even if you cancel they still charge you they only got me for postage but the aggravation is priceless. good luck [email protected] let me know if you get any relief On Wed, Jul 7, 2010 at 12:39 PM, BRU Responses <[email protected]> wrote: Dear Ms. Wagar: Thank you for...

Eyepothesis / Refund denied


I ordered an eye cream product, but had changed my mind. When I received the package a week ago, I marked it as "Return to Sender" without opening the package. When I checked my bank account today to see if my account had been credited. Since it wasn't I called to see if they would fix it. I was told that I was not eligible for a refund since I didn't follow the return policy located inside the package with the return label. I did not open the package because I knew I would have to pay postage at the post office. I always understood if services/goods were not received (in this case...

Eyepothesis - Colorado / ripped off


Beware of false tems advertising. I submitted an order to try this product for free...there were no terms on ad page, so my oversight I filled out the order form and then it quickly went to the terms page...which read you can return and not be charged before 8 days is up. I can't tell that this product even works and I am allergic to it. I called what I thought was 7 days (after receiving the product) and cancelled the order. Then the charges showed up on my card. This eye cream was cheap and I don't beleive it has the ingredients they are advertising. I was charged $78.00 for...

Eyepothesis - Ohio / charging my account


The Eyepothesis company has a product with a "free trial" period of 10 days from the day they mail it. However, if it takes 4-5 days to get to you and you don't cancel the day you get the product, by the time you find someone to cancel, it's too late and they charge you $78.00. I called the number on the website and on the box and the person who answered the phone said it wasn't the right company but was able to give me the right number. I called and they told me to cancel on the website. So I did, got a confirmation that said I would not be charged and the next day, I got charged. Then when I called back they said I cancelled too late and then they hung up on me.

Eyepothesis - Pennsylvania, Erie / Credit card charged for item that was never received

On 11/24, I saw an advertisement in a magazine for Eyepothesis, a product that is supposed to relieve dark circles, bags, etc. from underneath the eyes. The "Trial Size" was a cost of $2.87. On 12/3, I had a charge on my credit card for $78.41 from eyepothesis! I never ordered anything else and never received anything. On 12/12, I called the number that was on my credit statement for eyepothesis 303-410-4200. When I called that number, I was told by Reggie (no last name) that I must call back in 1.5 hours to report the scam because they were in a different office and wouldn't be in until...

Eyepothesis - Colorado, Boulder / scam

Company is a scam. This online ripoff company markets products Ivory White Bella Brite (same product), Eyepothesis, Ultimate facial, Bella Clear. All ship from the same warehouse at 6205 lookout road. If asked they will tell you "many companies ship from there' but only one company is in charge called convertis llc. Company is in such trouble with BBB and AG has had to stop shipping within Colorado. If you report them, not just threat to report them to BBB and Attorney General they will refund the money they took from you. Don't fall for free gas scam either...if you are offered ga...