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Extreme Lean Rx Complaints & Reviews

Extreme Lean Rx / Fraudulent charges


Like the other complaints about this company, we were charged 84.97 that we never authorized or purchased anything from this company. I've been trying, and will continue trying, to contact someone at this company. We do use credit cards on-line, but since some of the other people have stated that they have never used the card to purchase anything on-line, it would be interesting to see how the credit card #s were acquired. It would be interesting to see if all of the people who have had charges were from the same area of the country or if we all used the same credit card types.

Extreme Lean Rx / 3 unauthorized charges


I also have unauthorized charges from this company 2 charges for 106.90 on 4/30/07 and 1 for 89.90 on 5/18/07. The charge shows as REVENUESHIELD with partial phone number. I called the credit card company and they told me it was extremeleanrx - Their website: does not have any contact information, just a form to fill out - which I'm sure doesn't go to anyone. It is on a DISCOVER card - I am wondering if the other complaints were also DISCOVER cards - as maybe they hacked into that system???

Extreme Lean Rx / Charges on my credit card


I just received my credit card statement and i have a charge of $84.97 from cjw holdings inc. (866)-882-3186 utah, when i called the number it tells me to register a help ticket online at I have never ordered from these people and i would like to know how they got my credit card number. I have never used this card to purchase anything on-line before. So have they hacked into some data base and stole my information? I will register a complaint and file charges with my credit card company and make them aware that i am not the only consumer that they are stealing from.

Extreme Lean Rx / 2 unauthorized charges on same date to credit card


I had 2 charges of $106.90 posted to my credit card both on the 30th of April 2007. I have never visited this product's website and I sure don't need diet pills since I only weigh 86 lbs. I don't know where or how they got my credit card info, but be aware this seems to be wide spread. The name of the company listed with the charges was RevenueShield8668823 American Forkut. The 8668823 is only a partial phone number for them. The complete number is 866-882-3168, but when you call it you only get an automated voice message that tells you to go to one of their 2 websites and fill...