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Nov 05, 2012

This website is a complete scam. I was fooled by their nonsense and ended up signing up for the services. I completed the "course" and applied for various jobs and after a month I did not get any jobs! In other wards, I did my part and it is just a scam. I cancelled my account months ago and they are still charging me because they have access to my account! BIG MISTAKE! They take out $50 out of my account each month and now they owe me $250! I called them and they were extremely uncomfortable and acted like they were doing me a favor because they would give me $50 back when in fact they OWED me $250. I did not make a cent from any of the so called mystery shopper jobs. PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!! / Charge you 50$ a month for nothing

Feb 07, 2012

I also received a text about becoming a mystery shopper. And it sounded even better when the guy told me that they pay up to $50.00 per every assignment. Say you look up jobs in your area...and they say go buy the new burger at wendys... You go buy the burger and go home and write your review on it... Sounds easy right? Well lots of people were looking up on the websit for a new job and went for weeks without stores needing mystery shoppers! No job no $ ! After you pay the registration fee they will give you a 7 day trial to see if you like it... And if you decide to stay with the program they...