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Express Transaction Services Complaints & Reviews

Express Transaction Services - Nova Scotia / Fraud

Sep 1, 2011

Our company has been being harassed by Express Transaction Services for over 6 months. It all started in the spring when one of their people hooked a lady in our office with the questions on whether our debit/credit machines were working properly for us ... that lead into whether or not we needed paper. Turns out we needed paper at the time so she agreed to the order - when received the order and the invoice, it was quiet a shock. So we decided we wouldn't take the second shipment of the order, well that was just not happening I couldn't get through to anyone and when I finally did I...

Express Transaction Services - Alberta / Fraudulent Order

Jun 18, 2011

The same story as everybody else...these people sent us items we did not want, and now continue to try to bill us for them. Returning the items is impossible. We have decided that we are now sending THEM invoices billing them for our time useage in disputing the charge. Let's see how they like the shoe on the other foot. I would love to see every affected business do the same thing and completely bombard them with invoices.

Express Transaction Services - Ontario, Montreal / Fraudulant practices


Express Transaction Services calls companies and convinces their receptionists into believing that they are selling products on behalf of their debit/credit machine suppliers. Our receptionist believed they were calling from our debit/credit machine supplier and agreed to accept an order of paper. They wanted to send two entire cases and she said that one would be sufficient. The invoice arrived before the supplies and we paid it thinking that they were reliable as is our debit/credit machine suppliers that we have been dealing with for years. The rolls of paper were incomplete and dirty. We...

Express Transaction Services - British Columbia / fraudlant pratice


Express transaction services contacted an employee of my business to sell debit tape and made it sound like they were the company that we purchased from .she accepted and when the product came we realized it was a terrible product, highly over priced and not what we wanted . we did manage to make contact with some one at ets and the product was returned.To avoid future problems i told the company to remove us from there call out list and to never contact us again.Once again a call came and ironically (or something else), i was out of the country, like last time, and an employee accepted the...