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Express Clothing Complaints & Reviews

Express Clothing - Pennsylvania, McMurray / manager customer service

Jul 22, 2017

Went to take back a romper I bought my daughter as a surprise for 16th birthday party. I was told I couldn't return it because it did not have a dress tag on it. I walked over to the rack and showed the store manager stephanie at south hills mall that the other ones did not have a dress tag on it either. She goes and explains to me that if she was the one who had sold it to me than she would have made sure it had it on there. She was not the one who sold it to me but instead she's the manager. She did not train her employees to do their job. Now I am having to deal with customer service that...

Express Clothing / Online shopping

Jan 28, 2017

I have returned an order in the amount of $334.81 (Expr34879777str) using the return label provided by them. It's been 2 months since ups has delivered the order and i still haven't gotten a refund. I haven't even gotten an acknowledgement that the order has been received even though the tracking number clearly shows that it was. Every time i contact them i get a different person and i have to start my complaint all over again. I have since been in contact with 7 different people and all i get is a reiteration of their return policy as if i'm an ###### and i can't read it myself. So buyer...

Express Clothing - Pennsylvania / billing


My daughter and I were shopping at an Express store . We had 2 coupons-one for $30 off $70 and the other for $40 off $100. In trying to find the best combination to use for the coupons the salesgirl fist rang up 2 items for around $80 and used the $30 coupon where the total came to $49.60. We decided that the $40 off $100 was better so we returned the 2 items for $49.60 and bought everything else and after using the coupon the total came to $62.00.I remember it well that when the cashier rang up 4 items the total came to $94 and she directed my daughter to the clearance jewellery rack where...