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Experience Project Complaints & Reviews

Experience Project / Lewd behavior

Oct 21, 2014

Signed up for this site thinking that maybe I can offer advice or socialize a bit.Wide variety of topics so initially I got into it, then I started noticing lewd exchanges between adults (mostly elderly men) and young age groups. They pose as a form of a support group but is a play ground for sick and twisted individuals to prey on people. The fact that they allow children as young as age 13 to be members and allow conversations between these children and much older men and women on a variety of sexual topics makes it easy to classify such behavior as text book child exploitation openly...

Experience Project / website

Jul 25, 2014

I was a member of Experience Project for years. They have a premium membership which they call a "supporter" status. When you pay to become a supporter you get extra perks and a star next to your profile name. I became a supporter back in 2009. The site is filled with bullies. I began getting bullied and EP did nothing to stop it. I was a member of the "I battle depression" groups and there were members that actually were taunting suicidal members to kill themselves! What kind of person does that? I got fed up with the attacks and created a second profile that I kept secret .I told only a few...

Experience Project / bullying moderators, liars, psychopaths, harass and abuse victims of bullying

Mar 30, 2013

users BEWARE of this horrible sick website...this is a place where people are able to freely 'WRITE" about their lives, etc...into sub categories of things. it seems like an OK place until you are bullied...i was bullied for MONTHS by MANY different people who just harassed me for posting things there...what the place is for. These people harassing me...have serious mental even claimed to have MPD...others are nymphomaniacs and just disturbed sick people...that place is INFESTED with sick and disturbed freaks...some of these psychotic users are 'divinestitche...

Experience Project / abusive forums, users and moderators, ban victims of bullying and abuse

Mar 18, 2013

experience project is a horrible touts itself as being a place where you can express yourself freely, however there are HOARDS of angry miserable depressed bitter bullies there...who just insult and harass people posting information about their life, venting etc. I have been harassed mistreated absued by many bullies and psychopaths there. some of the names are orckiss, ricster44, sassyone and MANY many others. these abusers are ALLOWED to bully innocent users on that website but in the end...the users are not able to do anything about it. also some psychopath user wrote a huge...