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Executive Inn & Suites Complaints & Reviews

Executive Inn & Suites - Georgia, Covington / expired items on shelf

Sep 25, 2018

Hello, There are numerous expired items on the shelf of Covington, Tn Kroger. One week it was cheese the next it was yogurt and tortilla. Please come check on this as this has been an issue at this kroger for a while now going on 2 years. I have complained numerous of times to a manager but still these items are being sold. Will take photos next time as I walked out frustrated

Executive Inn & Suites / Unethical business practices


My daughter with her fiancé rented the upstairs room and we paid the Executive Inn $2, 825.00 for the room and $500.00 for a deposit. The manager did not give her the original signed rental form. When I found out a few weeks later I told her to request the form, each time she made a payment the staff was unable or unwilling to give her the form. On the day of the reception I personally talked to the manager about the $500.00 deposit because we still did not have the form. He told me that as long as normal cleaning such as sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, washing, etc. was all that needed...