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Excalibur Films Complaints & Reviews

Excalibur Films - California, Fullerton / dvds

Aug 31, 2018

On July 18th I boughtdvds from Excalibur Films. Ten weeks later and I'm still waiting for ten of the DVDs. Excalibur Films will lie cheat steal and do anything they can to destroy a person's will to persevere with the complaints process. I have given up all hope of receiving the product I ordered. I live in Sydney, Australia and I have no legal means to getting a refund. I'll just have to learn from this experience. What I don't understand is why and how have Excalibur Films been allowed to operate a business like this without the FBI or someone investigating them. Charlie Horton

Excalibur Films / dvds

Jul 11, 2018

In April I placed an order that should have been shipped to me by now. I spent 342 United States dollars which is around 470 dollars Australian. I'll complain to the Internet Crimes Complaint Centre with the FBI. I have read all the postings and they seem to be negative. I only hope I'm lucky and I receive my DVDs. It's a worry that their phone number doesn't work.

Excalibur Films - California / Fraud

May 02, 2013

Fraud!!! I placed an order Feb 23, it's May 2nd--no product. Thank goodness I used PayPal, I will get my money back from them and I didn't get my credit card info stolen like so many others ( I am working with their dispute center now.) These guys are a scam, I found tons of bad reviews online. Too bad I didn't look before I ordered.